A History Of Success

For over 70 years Gibson Farmers Cooperative has faithfully been serving the needs of Gibson County’s agriculture community. From the time it was chartered on December 14, 1946, the Co-op’s management, employees, and directors have demonstrated a progressive attitude and philosophy that has proven instrumental in its success. In the early years, the fledgling business, which was organized by a group of farmers with the exceptional foresight and determination, offered primarily seed, feed and fertilizer. Today, the Co-op offers something for everyone in the marketplace. There is access to a vast array of different products and a variety of custom services, which include bulk feed delivery, fertilizer spreading, fuel delivery, and on the farm tire service. The Co-op has grown a lot through the years, however the farmer is still considered the vital part of this organization. The farmer who is the producer of agricultural goods is actually the owner of the business. By being a member of the cooperative, it makes the individual eligible to receive patronage refunds and have voting rights at the annual membership meeting. With this relationship with our farmers and the vast products for the average consumer, it makes the cooperative open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member to buy and take advantage of all these services.

Gibson Farmers opened its first store in the basement of the courthouse in Trenton under the leadership of Manager Virgil Lawler. Incorporation Directors were FD Hamilton, CE Luckey, VD Penn, TH Bradford, JR. WD Alexander, JB Crenshaw, Andrew Tilghman, WL Fowler, FE Roberts, Banks P Turner, and JB Cooper. The Co-op moved to its present location at 1210 Manufactures Row in 1972. The operations in Dyer County were acquired in January of 1997 under a purchase agreement between Gibson Farmers and Dyer – Lauderdale, Inc. This venture has proven to be a positive venture for the two neighboring counties, Gibson and Dyer, further expanding the goods and services to the communities involved. Today, it operates branch stores in Dyer, Milan, Newbern, and Big Boy Junction near Finely, TN with the addition of a Distribution center in Dyer. This is a brief summary of Gibson Farmers Cooperative and the dedication that has been and continues to be involved. Much of this dedication is attributed to the employees within the organization at all the various locations. The Co-op is proud of its quality employees that are dedicated to customer service and making the cooperative a success.

Board Members

Pictured Left to Right:

Jonah Horner, Jeff Hudson, Clay Luckey, Clayton Thomas (VP) , Shane Burchfiel (President) , Timothy Hassell (Secretary), Benjamin Dodd 
Not pictured: Travis Landrum