Gibson Farmers CO-OP offers seed solutions to make certain that your operation is performing at its highest potential. Our agronomists work alongside farmers to make sure they are receiving the best quality seed per acre. We offer a full line of seeds from all major seed manufacturers. At Gibson Farmers CO-OP, we strive to match the right genetics with the right acre. Our goal is to put the proper variety on each acre to maximize the farm profitability. Our sales staff is continually studying and learning the varieties that perform well in our areas. 


Understanding your soil is key to a successful crop yield.  Let Gibson Farmers Co-op’s agronomist come take a soil sample! We combine the leading technology in agronomy to find a perfect solution for your soil.  We offer dry bulk fertilizer, liquid nitrogen, micronutrients, as well as in season foliar fertilizer and application solutions for the products we sell.


Protecting crops is just as important to the farmer as it is to us.  With a full line of products from Winfield United and other Crop Protection manufacturers, Gibson Farmers Co-op has what you need to help keep the farmers crop protected from planting to harvest.  Our objective is to have the right type of crop protection to ensure the crop stays in good health throughout the season.


Gibson Farmers Co-op Precision Ag Program uses the latest technology to provide total crop solutions to our farmers. Our mission is to accommodate farmers in producing the maximum yields and have the best cost-effective use of crop inputs.  We offer precision field mapping, variable rate fertilize spreading, and we can also write prescriptions for lime spreading and spraying.

Services we offer

  • Fertilize spreading
  • Soil sampling
  • Wheat sowing
  • Prescriptions for lime spreading and spraying
  • Tissue sampling
  • Scouting

Agronomy Team