Animal Nutrition


Whether you’re feeding cow/calf pairs or backgrounding calves for feedlots, we have a full line of feeds to meet your needs from maintenance type feeds to hi-energy premium feeds for weight gain. We also offer cattle supplement tubs and mineral made my CO-OP and Purina. If you prefer to have your feed delivered in bulk or want a custom made feed, our feed mill offer this service.


If you trail ride, own performance horses, or just have a few yard ornaments, we can fix you up.  Gibson Farmers Co-op offers a wide range of feeds for our diversified horse owners.  Our Pinnacle line of horse feeds is second to none with varieties for mares/foals, senior horses, and performance horses. For the horse owners that want something a little different, we offer Purina horse feed as well as Total Equine. Don’t forget, we also offer our economy line of maintenance feeds for those customers looking for a quality product at competitive prices.


Chickens for personal use, whether it be for eggs, production for their meat, has seen a dramatic increase over the past few years. A growing concern over antibiotics in poultry feeds has inspired Tennessee Farmers Co-op to rethink its line of feeds. As a result, none of our poultry feeds have antibiotics in them. We offer a full line of poultry feeds from baby chick feed, layer feed, and scratch feed to hi-protein feed.

Sheep & Goat

Tennessee the ranked #2 in the country with its goat/sheep population. We have a strong number of each species here in Gibson County. From people with small acreage raising them for extra income to our youth showing them at the county fairs and beyond!  Call us with any questions you might have concerning raising these small ruminants on your property. We can help with feeding up to a full line of CO-OP or Purina feeds, from show feeds, milk goats, or maintenance feeds.